The extra high performance M-Type of the RiCOPTER is a multi-purpose octocopter for professional UAV missions in highly sensitive areas and situations of limited access.

The robust and reliable multi-sensor carrying UAV platform offers a MTOM (Maximum Take-Off Mass) of 40 kg and an exceptional payload capability of up to 15 kg. The RiCOPTER-M is equipped with special aviation safety features and ADS-B/Mode-S transponder. RiCopterControl (RiCC), a redundant flight control system developed by RIEGL, offers several multiple control interfaces and trigger options. Straight-forward integration and control of complex multi-sensor systems allows for acquiring of comprehensive information in one single mission.

A typical RiCOPTER-M configuration comprises one or two RIEGL UAV LiDAR sensors for topographic and bathymetric surveying combined with high resolution cameras, thermal camera or hyperspectral camera, or other sensors.

Main Features
  • high performance X-8 array foldable octocopter
  • payload weight 15 kg
  • Maximum Take-off Mass (MTOM) 40 kg
  • flight endurance with 10 kg senor load up to 20 minutes
  • max. operating altitude AMSL (Above Mean Sea Level) of up to 3000 m (10,000 ft)
  • equipped with special aviation safety features and ADS-B/Mode-S transponder
  • RiCopterControl (RiCC): RIEGL's redundant flight control system
  • remote control Graupner MC32 (2.4 GHz; telemetry supported)
  • 433, 868 or 915 MHz command and control link; 5.8 GHz live video downstream
  • cushioned landing legs and shock-absorbing undercarriage for stable flights and save landings
  • foldable propeller carrier arms, integrated carrying handle, and special box for transportation
Main applications
  • perfectly prepared for the integration of multi-sensor systems in interchangeable configurations
  • surveying and monitoring.
  • photogrammetry and laser scanning
  • topography and bathymetry
  • gas leak detection
  • radiation detection



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