Acquiring data in airborne laser scanning with high measurement rates from high altitudes frequently results in range ambiguities. Instruments with multiple-time-around capability (MTA) like the LMS-Q780 or the VQ-580 provide data that can be utilized to resolve these ambiguities in post-processing. Instead of manually specifying the correct MTA zone for range calculation, RiMTA ALS will detect the correct MTA zone for each measurement automatically.

The correct resolution of ambiguous echo ranges is accomplished using RiMTA ALS in tandem with SDCImport and RiANALYZE for an optimized workflow that maintains fast processing speed for mass data production.

Main Features
  • automatic resolution of range ambiguity in time-of-flight ranging
  • unlimited number of MTA zones
  • smoothly integrated in the RIEGL data processing workflow
Additional Notes
  • processes data acquired with RIEGL airborne laser scanners with MTA-processing capabilities