Complete Platform Systems

All-purpose System for Airborne Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry

The RIEGL CP system for ALS is a completely integrated, tested and calibrated airborne measurement configuration using mainly RIEGL components. It is designed to be used built-in a helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft providing appropriate mounting structures for rigid and secure installation above an opening in the body of the aircraft.
The RIEGL airborne laser scanner, the IMU and the aerial digital camera are directly mounted onto the same platform. Further parts of the system (e.g. FMS and data recorder) are located outside the platform inside the aircraft.
The key component of the system is a state-of-the-art echo digitizing RIEGL airborne laser scanner (RIEGL LMS-Q680i, LMS-Q560, VQ-480, or VQ-380) operating at high laser pulse repetition rates. An inertial navigation system with an integrated GPS receiver (INS/GNSS unit) provides highly accurate position and orientation data. The system is complemented with the proper means for high-speed data recording of full waveform data, the RIEGL data recorders DR560, DR560-RD or DR680, guaranteeing uninterruptible storage of data acquired with RIEGL high speed laser scanners.
The integrated software package offers all the functionality necessary to process the acquired raw data (laser scanner data, GPS raw data, IMU raw data) to attain high-precision georeferenced data in WGS84 or UTM projection.