RIEGL VQX-1 Wing Pod

The RIEGL VQX-1 is a compact, rugged, and aerodynmically shaped wing pod ready for user-friendly installation and straightforward application to facilitate various airborne mapping applications.

The pod is designed to carry one RIEGL Laser Scanner (VQ-480II, VQ-580II, VUX-240 or VQ-840-G) as well as up to three high-resolution cameras and an appropriate high-end IMU/GNSS system.

The EASA approval of the pod for Cessna single piston engine aircraft of types 172, 182 and 206, under a supplemental type certificate is in progress.

Main Features
  • Robust and reliable wing pod
  • Uncompromising lightweight construction
  • Quick installation and removal (including power cabeling)
  • GNSS antenna to be mounted appropriately
  • EASA STC for Cessna 172-, 182- and 206- series in progress
      Main Applications
      • Corridor Mapping
      • Archeology and Cultural Heritage Documentation
      • Terrain and Canyon Mapping
      • Flood Zone Mapping
      • Surveying of Urban Environments
      • Glacier & Snowfield Mapping
      • Construction-Site Monitoring
      • Power Line, Railway Track, and Pipeline Inspection
      • Agriculture & Forestry
      • Emergency Management Planning
      • Accident Investigation
      • Moist Grassland Mapping