The VQ-1560 II-S follows the successful concept of RIEGL’s proven dual channel laser scanner series. With increased laser power the operational altitudes are extended up to 1700m AGL at a pulse repetition rate of 4MHz, or up to 3900m AGL at a pulse repetition rate of 540kHz (all values given for 20% target reflectance). These improved maximum ranges allow an increase of the system’s productivity by about 25% for a very attractive point density range. Laser pulse repetition rates can be fine-tuned in 12kHz steps, enabling subtle optimization of acquisition parameters in order to meet specific project requirements.

Its unique "cross-fire" scan pattern and its wide operational range make the instrument the most versatile airborne laser scanner on the market today. It is perfectly suited for any kind of application – from ultra-dense corridor mapping from low altitudes, over high resolution city mapping with minimum shadowing effects in narrow street canyons, to large-scale wide area mapping at utmost efficiency of up to 1130km² per hour at a density of 4 points per square meter.

The system is equipped with a seamlessly integrated high performance IMU/GNSS unit and e.g. an optional 150 megapixel RGB camera integrated in the primary camera bay.
Optionally, a second camera, e.g. a thermal camera or a 150 megapixel near-infrared camera, can be integrated on request. The design of the compact housing features a mounting flange for interfacing with typical hatches or gyro-stabilized leveling mounts.

Main Features
  • high laser pulse repetition rate up to 4 MHz
  • up to 2.66 million measurements per second on the ground
  • offers highly efficient data acquisition at a wide range of point densities
  • two waveform processing LiDAR channels offering excellent multiple target detection capability
  • enables Multiple-Time-Around (MTA) processing of up to 45 pulses simultaneously in the air
  • excellent suppression of atmospheric clutter
  • online waveform processing as well as smart and full waveform recording
  • integrated inertial measurement unit and GNSS receiver
  • integrated, easily accessible medium format camera
  • prepared for integration of a secondary camera
  • high-speed fiber data interface to RIEGL data recorder
  • housing shape and mounting flange optimized for interfacing with typical hatches and stabilized platforms
  • detachable handgrips for facilitated handling
Main Applications
  • Ultra Wide Area / High Altitude Mapping
  • Ultra-High Point Density Mapping
  • Mapping of Complex Urban Environments
  • Glacier & Snowfield Mapping
  • Mapping of Lakesides & River Banks
  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Corridor Mapping