The Dual LiDAR Waveform Processing Airborne Scanning System  VQ-1560 II provides further increased performance and highest  productivity based on a laser pulse repetition rate of up to 4 MHz, resulting in more than 2.66 million measurements per second on the ground.

Typical operating flight altitudes vary from less than 1,500 ft up to 12,100 ft (@ target reflectance of >20%). Laser pulse repetition rates can be  tuned in steps of less than 12 kHz.
In combination with different laser power modes subtle optimization of acquisition parameters is possible in order to meet specific project  requirements.

These features make the instrument the most flexible choice for  acquisition of scan data with an exceptionally wide range of  achievable point densities and utmost data collection efficiency at the same time. The unique forward/backward scan angle of the VQ-1560 II with its large field of view of 58 degrees enables capturing data from multiple angles more effectively and more accurately at high point densities.

The system is equipped with a seamlessly integrated high performance IMU/GNSS unit and e.g. an optional 150 megapixel RGB camera  integrated in the primary camera bay.
Optionally, a second camera, e.g. a thermal camera or a  150 megapixels near-infrared camera, can be integrated on request. The design of the compact housing features a mounting flange for  interfacing with typical hatches or gyro-stabilized leveling mounts.

Main Features
  • high laser pulse repetition rate up to 4 MHz
  • up to 2.66 million measurements per second on the ground
  • offers highly efficient data acquisition at a wide range of point densities
  • two waveform processing LiDAR channels offering excellent multiple target detection capability
  • enables Multiple-Time-Around (MTA) processing of up to 35 pulses simultaneously in the air
  • excellent suppression of atmospheric clutter
  • offers online waveform processing as well as smart and full waveform recording
  • integrated inertial measurement unit and GNSS receiver
  • integrated, easily accessible medium format camera
  • prepared for integration of a secondary camera
  • high-speed fiber data interface to RIEGL data recorder
  • housing shape and mounting flange optimized for interfacing with typical hatches and stabilized platforms
  • detachable handgrips for facilitated handling
Main Applications
  • Ultra Wide Area / High Altitude Mapping
  • Ultra-High Point Density Mapping
  • Mapping of Complex Urban Environments
  • Glacier & Snowfield Mapping
  • Mapping of Lakesides & River Banks
  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Corridor Mapping