The RIEGL VUX-1LR Long Range is a very lightweight, compact and rugged laser scanner, that was especially designed for airborne surveying missions from helicopter, gyrocopter, and other small aircraft. The sensor provides a maximum measurement range of 1,350 m, an effective measurement rate of up to 750,000 measurements/sec., and an operating flight altitude of up to 1,740 ft AGL.

In conjunction with an appropriate IMU/GNSS unit with antenna, a control unit, and a digital camera the sensor is integrated into the VP-1 Helipod. This user-friendly turnkey solution can be easily mounted on standard hard points and typical camera mounts of manned helicopters for applications like corridor mapping, power line, rail track and pipeline inspection.

Main Features
  • 15 mm survey-grade accuracy
  • scan speed up to 200 scans / second
  • measurement rate up to 750,000 meas./sec

  • operating flight altitude more than 1,700 ft
  • field of view up to 330° for practically unrestricted data acquisition
  • regular point pattern, perfectly parallel scan lines

  • cutting edge RIEGL technology providing
    - echo signal digitization
    - online waveform processing
    - multiple-time-around processing
  • multiple target capability - practically unlimited number of targets echoes

  • compact (227x180x125 mm), lightweight (3.5 kg), and rugged
  • easily mountable to manned helicopters, gyrocopters, and other small manned aircrafts
  • mechanical and electrical interface for IMU mounting

  • electrical interfaces for GPS data string and Sync Pulse (1PPS)
  • LAN-TCP/IP interface
  • scan data storage on internal 1TByte SSD Memory
Main Applications
  • Corridor Mapping: Power Line, Railway Track, and Pipeline Inspection
  • Topography in Open-Cast Mining
  • Terrain and Canyon Mapping
  • Surveying of Urban Environments
  • Archeology and Cultural Heritage Documentation
  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • resource management
  • Rapid Response in Small Scale Surveying (Collision Investigation, Risk Prevention)