The RIEGL VQ-880-GH is a fully integrated airborne laser scanning system for combined topographic and bathymetric surveying.

The system is offered with integrated and factory-calibrated high-end IMU/GNSS system and up to two cameras. The design allows flexible application of these components to meet specific requirements. Complemented by a RIEGL data recorder, the RIEGL VQ-880-GH LiDAR system can be installed on various platforms in a straightforward way.

The VQ-880-GH carries out laser range measurements for high resolution surveying of underwater topography with a narrow, visible green laser beam, emitted from a powerful pulsed laser source. Subject to clarity, at this particular wavelength the laser beam penetrates water enabling measurement of submerged targets.

Main Features
  • Designed for combined topographic and bathymetric airborne survey
  • Green laser scanner with up to 700 kHz measurement rate
  • IR laser scanner with up to 279 kHz measurement rate and improved ranging performance
  • High accuracy ranging based on echo digitization and online waveform processing with multiple-target capability
  • Multiple-time-around processing for straightforward mission planning and operation
  • Concurrent full waveform output for all measurements for subsequent full waveform analysis for the green channel
  • Integrated inertial navigation system
  • Up to two integrated cameras
  • Form factor with reduced height optimized for helicopter integrations
Main Applications
  • Coastline and Shallow Water Mapping
  • Acquiring Base Data for Flood Prevention
  • Measurement for Aggradation Zones
  • Habitat Mapping
  • Surveying for Hydraulic Engineering
  • Hydro-Archaeological-Surveying