The LMU Munich Institute for Digital Cultural Heritage Studies makes the past visible with RIEGL UAV-based LiDAR


Prof. Dr. Nicola Lercari, Director of the Institute for Digital Cultural Heritage Studies at the LMU Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) provided us with some exciting details from their latest project, where they used RIEGL's VUX-1UAV22 UAV LiDAR sensor to uncover further secrets of the ancient Greek city of Heloros in Italy.

RIEGL's UAV-based LiDAR technology has been proven to be highly effective in archaeological research at the ancient Greek site of Heloros in Southeastern Sicily, which is covered by dense Mediterranean vegetation. In September 2023, Prof. Lercari and the Heloros Advanced Digital Exploration and Surveying (HADES) project team (LMU Munich Institute for Digital Cultural and University of South Florida, Institute for Digital Exploration) used a RIEGL VUX-SYS (with VUX-1UAV22 and Applanix APX-20 included) mounted on an ACECORE NOA drone to capture high-precision 3D data of Heloros' landscape and hidden archaeological features. This complex task was accomplished by leveraging the RIEGL VUX-1UAV22 LiDAR sensor’s ability to penetrate the canopy of trees and shrubs with sufficient point density and accuracy. 

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