NEW RIEGL VMZ Video Online Now!


Watch the new video on the VMZ Hybrid Mobile Laser Mapping System and see how easy it is to use your VZ-400, VZ-1000, or VZ-2000 Terrestrial Laser Scanner for both, 3D static and kinematic data acquisition!

The fully integrated, accurate, and compact mobile 3D Laser Scanning System for combined static and kinematic data acquisition allows for lower mobilization costs with a high return on investment. The IMU/GNSS unit is fully integrated to support RIEGL VZ-400, VZ-1000 and VZ-2000 scanners for mobile data acquisition. Easy coupling and de-coupling of the VZ-scanner from the IMU/GNSS unit enables quick switching from mobile to terrestrial applications, and vice versa - without losing stability of system calibration. Flexible installation options and the integration of a calibrated and GPS synchronized NIKON DSLR camera or an additional panoramic camera system such as POINT GREY Ladybug provide for a smooth and efficient workflow in the field.