NEW RIEGL Demo Data Available!


Explore the new RIEGL point cloud samples in POTREE!

POTREE is a free and user-friendly open-source software that allows users to stream massive LiDAR point clouds online.

We have further extended our Demo Data section and added the following data samples:

Terrestrial Laser Scanning
- RIEGL VZ-2000i | Geologically classified rock surface
This point cloud shows data of a mining site that has been post-processed by the LIS Geo-TEC Plugin in RiSCAN PRO.

Airborne Laser Scanning

- RIEGL VQ-480 II | Classified City
This point cloud shows classified data of a town that has been post-processed with the LIS Building and Vegetation Classifier (plug-in soon available!) in RiPROCESS.

Enjoy immersing yourself in RIEGL's digital world!