The RAIL LIVE 2023 will take place from June 21 – 22, 2023 at the Long Marston Rail Innovation Centre in Warwickshire, UK.

As the largest outdoor rail exhibition in the UK, Rail Live brings thousands of rail professionals together in a real railway environment to explore the latest innovations, make valuable connections, and help businesses to save time and money.

RIEGL UK (www.riegl.co.uk) will participate in the event and present the possibilities of using RIEGL’s Ultimate LiDAR Technology for surveying tasks in the railroad industry.

At booth M6 you will get detailed information on how RIEGL’s 3D terrestrial laser scanners and RIEGL’s UAV LiDAR sensors can be used for surveying of the rail road infrastructure, but you will also get insight into RIEGL’s solutions - the RIEGL VMX-Rail Triple Scanner Mobile Mapping System and the RIEGL VMR Robotic Rail Laser Scanning System - especially developed for an utmost efficient capturing of dense, accurate, and feature-rich data for applications, e.g., in rail track monitoring, clash detection simulation, and clearance analysis.

RAIL LIVE is completely free to attend, so register today for your ticket!

RIEGL UK looks forward to meeting with you in Warwickshire!

Find more information about the event here.