Unmanned Scanning

Martin Pfennigbauer et al.: Waveform-averaging airborne laser bathymetry scanner 27.04.2020

The presentation reports on a fully integrated, light-weight, and compact airborne laser scanner system for combined hydrographic and topographic surveying. To handle target situations with complex echo signals the entire digitized echo waveforms can be stored on the removable data storage card for subsequent full waveform analysis. Storing the entire waveform allows for pre-detection averaging, which increases SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) and thus performance. Waveform averaging can also be applied onboard in order to apply signal detection and online waveform processing with averaged waveforms. The user can choose any combination of online waveform processing, offline single waveform processing or offline waveform processing with stacked waveforms.

The achievable performance gain by waveform stacking and by different methods of waveform processing and waveform analysis making use of a typical topo-bathymetric dataset is demonstrated.

The presentation (Paper 11410-19) was given during the SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing Digital April Forum 2020 and is available in the SPIE Digital Library.

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