Terrestrial Scanning / Archaeology & Cultural Heritage

B. Riveiro, P. Arias, J. Armesto, F. Rial, M. Solla "Multidisciplinar Aproach to Historical Arch Bridges Documentation" 07.01.2009

The paper describes the project of the Close Range Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Group, University of Vigo, Spain, involving historic arch bridges in Galicia, Spain. The first aim of this Project consists on building a database of the historic arch bridges in Galicia, documenting location, surroundings, geometry, singular characteristics, structural faults, building material and state of conservation. On the other side, a methodology is being designed to optimize measuring and analysing techniques: Close Range Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning as 3D modelling tools for geometry and cracks documentation (Arias et al, 2005), Ground Penetrating Radar for inner material characterization and zones description, and FEM as structural analysis tool to establish stress distribution compatible with the detected damages, allowing identifying its possible causes. This stage includes the development of a procedure to synergize these techniques to obtain more reliable results.
The data and results that have obtained until the date are described in detail. Building styles, singular characteristics of the arch bridges in this region, building materials, and the state of conservation are reported. Further, the methodology for the 3D modelling by digital close range photogrammetry of the bridges, which have varying locations, size, geometry and accessibility is also described, including the requirements which have been considered to grant the utility of the 3D models in further stages of the project: GPR analysis and structural analysis by FEM.

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