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A. Sima, S.J. Buckley, D. Schneider, J.A. Howell: "An improved workflow for image- and laser-based virtual geological outcrop modelling" 28.03.2011

This paper reports on research that aims to enhance the existing workflow for virtual geological outcrop modelling. Combining laser scanning and photogrammetric data in an automated processing chain makes the virtual models more accessible for non-specialists. An essential part of the proposed workflow is based on automated image feature extraction and registration routines, to minimize the manual time spent on post-processing, and to improve the coherence of the virtual outcrop data. It is anticipated that the final results of the research will provide the geologist with a more reliable means for digital data interpretation.

Acquisition of terrestrial laser scan data and image data for this project was realized by using a RIEGL LMS-Z420i scanner in combination with a calibrated Nikon D200 10 Megapixel camera.