01/16 Software-News: RiSCAN PRO 2.2 Release

The RIEGL TLS Software development team is pleased to present the release of RiSCAN PRO, RiMINING and RiSOLVE Versions 2.2!

This new version includes a number of upgrades, featuring the new RIEGL point database format (RDB 2.0), which provides new and advanced point cloud capabilities. With this upgrade, it is now possible to visualize and manage massive files and hundreds of scans simultaneously with the new level of detail feature.

Filtering has received an upgrade - with the support for all point attributes along the point cloud processing chain. This means that point clouds generated from scans will retain all attributes, such as reflectance, echo number, and deviation values. These new features will enable additional export capabilities to be released soon!

Further enhancements have been made to the new RiSCAN PRO user interface as well. A few notable additions are: the new instant viewtype icon in the 3D toolbar and a new filtering power tool, which makes filtering easier and will continue to grow in functionality in the future.

Please be advised that beginning with version 2.2 of RiSCAN PRO, Windows XP is no longer supported. As Microsoft has discontinued support for Windows XP, certain features which are required for RiSCAN PRO 2.2 are not supported and will not be updated by Microsoft.

In tandem with the new TLS Software, RDB 2.0 SDK is also being released for support in 3rd party software packages.

This new point cloud format sets a foundation for growth, with additional capabilities to improve a number of workflows in the future with additional metadata including pose and georeferencing information. 

An SDK for this new format is already available for 3rd party software developers to easily enable support for this new point format.

Please contact us for more information!