RIEGL Scanners in Operation at Dachstein

On October 16th, German TV station "3sat" broadcast a documentary about the operation of RIEGL laser scanners in mountain rescue service.

For the development of a new system, the south wall of the Austrian mountain "Dachstein" was surveyed by means of RIEGL Terrestrial and Airborne Laser Scanners.
Cartographers from Dresden University of Technology created a highly accurate virtual 3D map from the scans, and navigation experts developed an instrument for outdoor operation. Now, the rescue team's position can be determined accurately, even when visibility is very poor. As an experiment, a team of the mountain rescue service Ramsau climbs the south wall in dense fog.

The movie outlines this unique project which could mark a milestone in mountain rescue service as rescue operations are not dependent on good weather conditions anymore.

Get some impressions of the documentary in the gallery!

"Einsatz in der Südwand" (16.10.2011, 7:10 pm CEST)


  • Dachstein south wall ((c) 3sat)
  • VZ-1000 scanning the Dachstein mountain ((c) 3sat)
  • Senior Sales Manager Thomas Gaisecker explaining the operations ((c) 3sat)
  • VZ-1000 scanning the south wall ((c) 3sat)
  • Data processing after surveying ((c) 3sat)
  • The south wall of Dachstein was surveyed from aircraft additionally ((c) 3sat)