Opegieka takes Delivery of State-of-the-Art Airborne LIDAR and Photogrammetric System

Acting as the main contractor in this project, RIEGL recently delivered a fully certified, state-of-the-art “turnkey” airborne laser scanning and photogrammetric system to company OPEGIEKA based in Elblag, Poland.

The RIEGL laser scanner equipment and its associated accessories, as well as a large-frame photogrammetric camera have been installed onto the customer’s VulcanAir P68 aircraft by RIEGL and its system integration partner Airborne Technologies GmbH in Wr. Neustadt, Austria, who also took care of the EASA certification issues related to this project.

The delivered configuration gives the customer the possibility to either make use of the RIEGL laser scanner equipment or the large-frame photogrammetric system, depending on the requirements of each airborne mission, and the respective wishes and demands of the customer. The RIEGL airborne scanner platform as well as the large-frame camera system are interchangeable and both configurations can be easily mounted onto or demounted from the VulcanAir P68 aircraft thanks to a flexible platform design and integration concept.

The following hardware components have been integrated into the hatch of the VulcanAir aircraft:

•    Platform I – RIEGL LMS-Q680i Airborne Laser Scanner together with RIEGL Data Recorder DR680 and INS/FMS system; the LIDAR platform is completed by a digital MF camera (60 MP), a flight guidance and geo-referencing system as well as a digital thermographic camera system; all components have been integrated on a platform made of carbon fiber, offering highest stability and reliability for airborne scanning purposes.

•    Platform II – Large-frame photogrammetric camera Z/I DMC II 230 together with an additional set of INS/FMS system as well as a flight guidance and geo-referencing system.

Having already delivered several complete ALS turnkey packages up to now, another delivery and handing over of a state-of-the-art and high-end airborne scanning and photogrammetric system has been fulfilled, closing this challenging project.