VMX-250 on Tour in Asia Meeting RIEGL Japan

Our V-Line laser technology having caused quite a stir in Asia, it was about time to present our new products personally „on the spot“. That is, on G-spatial Expo at Yokohama – we were welcomed to support our partner RIEGL Japan at this local trade show in Japan. On this occasion, the VMX-250 went again on tour …

Dr. Johannes Riegl, CEO at RIEGL: "RIEGL Japan is a major part of the worldwide network of RIEGL distributors. I am very happy about our long-term relation. The innovative and dynamic cooperation with a reliable and strong partner in Japan is very important for the whole RIEGL network."
With its headquarters in Tokyo and with a very powerful team, RIEGL Japan promotes and distributes the whole range of RIEGL high-performance laser products within the territory of Japan. Teruo Sasaki, President of RIEGL Japan, has established his contacts to RIEGL over many years, first working together on the basis of a free distribution partnership. In 1997 RIEGL Japan was founded as a joint venture with RIEGL LMS in Austria. With Mr. Sasaki’s vision and feeling for technical innovations and successful cooperations the company has well proven on the modern Japanese high-technology market.
For more information about RIEGL Japan, please contact RIEGL Japan directly

Just recently, our mobile laser scanning system VMX-250 has been shipped to Japan, and we were welcomed to assist in several presentations to important Japanese customers.

Right after arrival at the premises of RIEGL Japan in Tokyo the VMX-250 was to be set to work, in order to gain Tokyo MLS data for presentations during the following days. We managed to record perfect data sets acquired by car and by boat. Some days later the same was done in Yokohama to gain authentical data sets of Yokohama for G-spatial Exhibition.

Seasonal weather conditions, especially typhoon no. 9 “Malou“, determined the schedule, but all planned demos could be performed. A remarkable point in the program consisted in visiting Nakanihon Air Service ( www.nnk.co.jp ) in Nagoya. Already working successfully with three RIEGL Airborne Laser Scanners for several years, the company has been interested in testing and verifying the VMX-250 mobile laser scanning system in comparison to their own airborne data sets.
Due to geographic properties and conditions of the Japanese traffic infrastructure, there are countless tunnels, whole underground routes, underways and overhead passages, and other special solutions as answers to an outstanding dense traffic system to be kept fluent. For airborne data acquisition this means of course massive loss of scan-area in zones of interest – combination with mobile data acquisition offers the perfect complementary method.
Naohiro Ukai from Nakanihon: „Our technicians were simply delighted – on short notice, an in-house presentation was organized, in order to inform our management about these new possibilities by means of the sensational data we had at our disposal.“
Nikolaus Studnicka, RIEGL Manager International Sales, resumed, “The four point clouds from both VMX-scanners, recorded during two drives in opposite directions, are situated on a band of ±5mm, which means a standard deviation of about 3-4mm. We hadn't expected such a good result. Another positive aspect was the easy transformation of our measurement data in the local Japanese coordinate system.“

Then the team went to Yokohama, to participate in the G-spatial Expo tradeshow. The VMX-250 Mobile Laser Scanning System was the highlight at the booth of RIEGL Japan, in particular the presentation of the new, just in Yokohama acquired MLS data sets was a real main attraction. The opening day, a Sunday, was crowded. While being a special interest tradeshow, many visitors passed by with their families, there was free entry on Sunday and much curiosity for technological news. The following two days were more reserved to experts - meeting the VMX-250 with lively interest.

The video showing the demonstrations in Japan can be found under: