INTERGEO 2010 Cologne in Retrospect

Intergeo, the world’s largest trade fair for geodesy, land management and geo information has taken place October 5th to October 7th, this year in Cologne.

As with every year, it was again one of the annual main meeting points for our customers, partners and friends.

As in the last years, the presentation of the unique RIEGL products – concerning hardware and software – was combined with the presentation of some special post processing software solutions elaborated by partners – a well established concept of a “tradeshow symbiosis” giving a maximum of graspable information.

As announced in our last issue, we were presenting two special novelties at the show: First of all, our latest step in the development of terrestrial scanners, the VZ-1000, expanding the successful V-Line scanner series. Covering ranges of up to 1400 meters the VZ-1000 is most importantly our “mining scanner” - but that shouldn't hinder you from using it in other mid-to long-distance applications. Regarding airborne laser scanning, we displayed the Nose-Pod for the DA42 Twin Engine Plane, the RIEGL NP680i now ready for serial production and available for delivery on short notice.

Apart from our booth, well located in the center of the downstairs hall, we had our demo-vehicle equipped with the VMX-250 outdoors, this time complete with the recently integrated retrofitting camera system. Many of the visitors were already familiar with our system nevertheless they decided to have a closer look on the whole workflow and took a demo ride. Actually, our VMX-250 car was hardly standing still, but unfortunately, due to the intensive traffic situation around Cologne fairgrounds it wasn't possible to leave the area (without risking to be kept in some jam for hours and leave our outdoor booth abandoned). However, even with these small demo-routes it was possible to convincingly demonstrate the fast, easy and efficient operation of the system.

Almost as important to us as the real trade fair business is Intergeo's having established as the annual meeting-point for international RIEGL partners, or, why not simply call them RIEGL family for once, cordially as it sincerely is, year and again. Impressing, the almost traditional RIEGL Intergeo Dinner for our international distributors was attended by representatives from 20 countries - a lively evening that we enjoyed, and quite a late one for some (so we were told).

Of course, Intergeo is also to be considered as an important indicator for market developments, client's needs and demands can be recognized and thoroughly analyzed. We went home with loads of new input, we learn a lot from the practical experiences of our clients, and we do have an open ear for those little ideas of apparently impossible tasks some might dream of... they may linger on and influence our current or upcoming product developments!

Over the course of the last three years, the design of our booth has been positively commented on, nevertheless, it's time for a change! We decided to surprise you with an overall new RIEGL Intergeo booth next year (well, we might stick to those little chocolates ...). Looking forward for seeing many of you again next year in Nürnberg!