RIEGL LIDAR 2013 User Conference Review

With over 265 attendees from over forty countries from all of our business segments represented at this year’s conference, we would like to thank everyone who attended RIEGL LIDAR 2013 for making it the LIDAR event of the year!


The first day of the conference was filled with plenty of excitement.  Dr. Riegl’s opening address, spoken in his mother tongue german, welcomed our attendees to the conference. Dr. Ullrich’s keynote speech opened with the history of RIEGL to the present day, which led into the unveiling of the LMS-Q1560 Dual LiDAR Channel Airborne Mapping System, the first of its kind in the industry.


The second day opened with the keynote being given by Alastair Jenkins of GeoDigital. His speech,“The Past, Present and Future” of the LIDAR Industry, was extremely insightful and was a good opener to the day.  After a short break, the conference was off and running with three simultaneous sessions where attendees were able to gain new and valuable information from the many presentations being offered. 


The third day opened with Prof. Norbert Pfeifer from the Vienna University of Technology’s Keynote; “Point Clouds and the Challenges Ahead”.  This keynote was a good way of putting our complex industry challenges on the table for future discussions amongst leading industry professionals.  The afternoon sessions of workshops in the Airborne, Terrestrial and Mobile segments with demonstrations and discussions on applications proved to be highly informative and educational to our attendees.


Also the conference events were an overwhelming success. Our Monday night welcome reception brought the RIEGL family of staff, partners, and users together for a warm welcome and reunion.  The Tuesday Casino Night event was a wonderful way to network amongst industry leading professionals and to have a fun time dressing up - according to the theme of the night, James Bond.  Our Wednesday evening Gala Dinner was an excellent way to unwind with sensational food, music and dancing in a spectacular location in Vienna. 


On Thursday, over sixty of our attendees joined us in Horn, Austria, for a guided tour of our factory buildings and had a short stop at a traditional Austrian winery on the way back to Vienna.  The fantastic close to the week was our Friday Airborne Technical Tour.  This event was attended by over ninety people where we visited three of our austrian partners, Airborne Technologies, Diamond Airborne Sensing and Schiebel. We closed the day with airplane rides over the beautiful Vienna countryside.

View the video footage including all conference highlights of RIEGL LIDAR 2013!

More than ninety presentations were given in the Airborne, Mobile, Terrestrial and Industrial segments and we are proud to announce that we have released those presentations from the user conference that permissions have been received for. Sorted by tracks, presentations on LIDAR topics including bathymetry, architecture, geology and UAV applications are ready for download at the RIEGL Members Area now. Use this opportunity to gain outstanding and valuable information on RIEGL staff's, users' and partners' experience with our wide product range! Please note:
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We look forward to seeing you at RIEGL LIDAR 2015!