New tool RiWaveLib is now available for download.

RiWaveLib is RIEGL's new software library, providing straightforward and well-documented access not only to the digitized echo signals recorded by selected RIEGL laser scanners during data acquisition but also to the time stamp and measurement direction for each measurement.

Thus, it enables the user to calculate point cloud data based on their own algorithms for the full waveform analysis. A further main feature is the index-based search for time stamps within the data stream.

Both waveform data formats used by RIEGL, the SDF file format (used by RIEGL LMS-Q560 and RIEGL LMS-Q680i) and the WFM file format (used by RIEGL VZ-400 with waveform data option), are supported, using a common interface which can be used from various programming languages (e.g. C, C++, Pascal, and Python).
With regards to operating systems, RiWaveLib is compatible with both Windows and Linux.

RiWaveLib can be downloaded from the Members Area on the RIEGL webpage (