New Production Hall in Horn:
Full Operations have started

Mid-June, full operations have started in our new production hall, which has been built directly on the factory premises of the RIEGL headquarters in Horn, Austria, in order to increase capacities for production, have started.

The recent years were characterized by an excellent development of the company, which made our existing production building burst at the seams. Obviously, the insufficient spatial situation was an impediment to growth. Hence, in May 2010, ground-breaking for an additional production hall took place. The new building was completed in June 2011, right according to plan, and put into operation.
Some basic facts on the new building:

  • 7.500 square feet of effective working area
  • Start of construction: Q2/ 2010
  • Completion: Q2/ 2011
  • Total investment (building/CNC machinery) 1.8 Million EUR

Besides the already existing CNC machinery, another new 5-axial CNC machinery is operated in the new building, and also the mechanical workshop was moved there. By creating much more working space, an efficient logistical workflow of the material has been enabled – starting with its storage in high racks and machining by means of the new CNC machining centers to the point of finishing and reworking. Not only does this help us increase our productivity, but we can also enhance vertical integration in-house.  The know-how and the technical capabilities to manufacture all components in-house guarantee the quality and robustness the RIEGL products are well-known for. Moreover, we can now stay more flexible with regards to new developments and prototypes, but also when introducing new product lines.
To increase the quality of manufactures parts even more, a 3D index arm has been acquired for revisions.

We are happy that the new building was ready to be put into operation on time and therefore to help us increase our capacities successively. In the medium-term, additional jobs will be created, too.

And chances are good that this is not the end of our expansion plans. RIEGL's continuous positive development makes us already think about a new R&D centre. 

  • stock cutting
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Operating the 5axes-milling-center
  • Manual latheling
  • finishing