MMT Symposium in Cracow:
Poland catching Mobile Laser Scanning fever

Currently, Poland has caught a serious surveying fever, caused by intense subsidies by the European Union for infrastructural improvements that push the willingness to invest in all areas. For providers of surveying products, this opens up highly interesting possibilities. The current euphoric mood makes the market for modern solutions in surveying boom.

There is no doubt that RIEGL can score with its sophisticated technological advancements.

Together with our Polish distribution partner Laser-3D (, represented by Jacek Krawiec, we participated in the 7th International Symposium on Mobile Mapping Technology, organised by the Association of Polish Surveyors and the Polish Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing at the Sheraton Hotel in Cracow from June 13 to 16, 2011.
The topic of the symposium with attached exhibition was "State of the Art and Trends in Airborne and Land Mobile Mapping Technology".

The symposium was judged as being very successful and interesting for RIEGL with regards to potential customers as the audience was international and our booth was very well visited not only during the breaks of the lectures but also while lectures took place.

On the day preceding the symposium, the RIEGL sales managers Philipp Amon and Nikolaus Studnicka produced a short movie about the setup, initialization, and application of the VMX-250 and data recording. Those impressions of Cracow were presented at the booth the next day where all attendants were impressed by the speed of data gathering.
The professional audience was just as impressed by the results of the façade measurements done with the VMX-250 mobile laser scanning system, that were illustrated in the RIEGL lecture "Extraction of Façade Maps Using a RIEGL VMX-250 Mobile Scanning System Mounted on a Boat", where scan- and image data were recorded along the Canal Grande in Venice.

The symposium also included an outdoor presentation of all MLS systems in front of the Sheraton hotel, which was a huge success as everyone was excited by the variety of systems available.
Besides the RIEGL VMX-250 mobile scanning system, some further service providers who integrate RIEGL scanners into their systems gathered there.
RIEGL's participation at MMT can definitely be considered successful, not least because of the intense co-operation with our distribution partner. (It is clearly shown that having a partner who knows the country's language and customs is a major advantage for being able to intensely and successfully work a market.)

  • On the day preceding the symposium, some impressions of Cracow were collected for demonstration purposes
  • The operator monitors data recording during the drive
  • RIEGL VMX-250-CU Control Unit: A glimpse into the trunk department of the vehicle
  • MMT Cracow: Presentation of the mobile scanning systems
  • From left to right: Jacek Krawiec (Laser-3D) and Philipp Amon (RIEGL LMS) at the booth at MMT Cracow
  • Service providers who integrate RIEGL scanners into their systems attended the exhibition
  • Competent support: the RIEGL team integrating the new VZ-400 into the "Designers" system