Distribution Partner Portrait - GEOCOM S.A.

Trustiness – Technology – Support

Having been founded in 1985 in order to integrate traditional topography and the early computing sciences and then offer this integrated solution to engineers and surveyors, GEOCOM started with only three persons. Back then, they represented Pentax Surveying Instrument.

By incorporating new products of most advanced global companies and by its engineers being constantly trained locally as well as abroad, GEOCOM became Chile's largest and most advanced organization in the area of geomatics and is the country's market leader today, representing the most important global manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and software in the areas of land scanning, surveying, mapping and geomatics, including RIEGL, Trimble, Nikon, Spectra Precision, and Pentax.

Today, the company employs 58 people – mainly engineers and other highly competent professionals. Thanks to its staff's expertise, GEOCOM today is the main supplier of surveying and land scanning equipment in Chile.

Currently, they focus mainly on introducing the latest scanning and monitoring technologies to mining and engineering projects in the country. Moreover, they supply and support the use of high precision GNSS to the main customers in Chile and work on making more efficient use of the highest technologies.

GEOCOM has become RIEGL distribution partner in 2009 and is offering the terrestrial laser scanner product line. We are very happy about having established distributorship with such a renowned and ambitious partner to provide RIEGL products in the important market of Chile.


Contact Details:
Av. Salvador 1105, Providencia
Santiago, CHILE
Telephone: +562 480 36 02
E-Mail: cescudero@geocom.cl
Website: www.geocom.cl

Important Contacts:
Carlos Escudero, General Manager and CEO
Gonzalo Bravo, Commercial Manager
Hector Contreras, Technology Manager
Felipe Cespedes, Sales Manager
Jorge Basoalto, Foreign Trade Manager
David Santos, Support Engineer