Special Software Packages Inspired by User's Demands:

RIEGL has always maintained an effort to provide corresponding laser scanning software, along with their excellent hardware. Now, as part of the VZ-1000 and VZ-4000 and their special aptitude for long-range applications in mining and topography, we have developed specific software packages to offer full scanning systems, further increasing their operational capability and Return-On-Investment.

Starting from the well-proven terrestrial laser scanning software RiSCAN PRO, our software engineers have generated two new software packages perfectly tailored for the specific challenges in open pit mining and monitoring: RiMONITOR and RiMINING.

RiMONITOR offers a sound basis for monitoring solutions to be seamlessly integrated into large scale industrial installations or as a stand-alone system connected to a control center. In open pit mining, it is used for monitoring of endangered areas. Alterations in slope faces are recognized, compared with surface models, and alarms can be released in time to warn against rock falls, slopes, landslides or avalanches.
The RiMONITOR Server operates through scan data acquisition by a VZ-Line Laser Scanner and sensor data acquisition of additional sensors like GNSS, IMU, temperature sensors, etc. Parameters for processing and analysis can be defined by the user. Data are continuously pre-processed, analyzed and may be compared to predefined reference data. Fast analysis of scan data is realized by parallel computing. The resulting status notification is provided to the external system, like a server, operator or control room. There, RiMONITOR client allows for configuration and online monitoring of the system.
A modular software architecture and well-documented open data formats provide for seamless integration into existing installations and easy adjustment to the specific needs of new applications. Pre-defined modules for data acquisition, data filter for outlier rejection, data modeling and robust volume estimation simplify operation. Configurable alerts allow for raising early alarms, in the form of sending e-mails or SPS memory slots to activate electronic warning alarms, horns, warning lights, etc.
The robust system already works with a minimum hardware configuration of a single-core CPU at 1.2 GHz, 1GB RAM and is characterized by self-recovery on power failure and the ability to read QR codes.

RiMINING is a software package for optimized and simplified scan data registration and processing in open pit mining. Main applications include surveying of open pit mines, quarries and dump sites, change detection of excavated areas, fill grade and mass calculation, as well as extraction of input data for site modeling.
RiMINING speeds up field-surveying providing workflow automatization and automatic data registration. VZ-Line Laser Scanner field-data can be imported and registered without any targets, thus reducing the onsite time significantly.
Registration is utilizing the MSA-Plugin in combination with the built-in sensors of the VZ scanner: GPS, compass and inclination sensors. Advanced filter algorithms enable automatic elimination of vegetation, objects and outliers. Typical mining post-processing tasks like break line detection or volume calculation and surface comparison are implemented. Thomas Gaisecker, RIEGL Senior Manager International Sales, who has tested the new software: “Automatically extracted break lines are classified as toe and crest lines. A powerful triangulation algorithm is used to create triangulated surfaces of the acquired scan data including the extracted break lines. Powerful smoothing and decimating functions allow a significant data-reduction while keeping the accurate geometry of the break lines. Such surfaces may be used for extraction of profiles and sections. Differences between two surfaces can be visualized and calculated as cut- and fill-volumes.”
Final utilization of the extracted information in mine planning software is realized by various exchange formats. Furthermore, full compatibility with RiSCAN PRO allows for advanced data-processing if desired.

Currently, both software packages stand the proof in various demonstrations worldwide (See our article on the VZ-4000 demo tour.) The response thus far has been that the combination of the RIEGL VZ hardware and tailored software package provides an effective, reliable and efficient overall system.
The first release of RiMINING and RiMONITOR will be made available soon.