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"Members Area" on

As of May 2011, the so-called "Members Area" will be integrated into the RIEGL webpage. It will give our clients, sales partners and other interested persons the opportunity to download specific data that they are granted access to after registration.

Are you a customer of RIEGL’s and want to download specific software for your scanner?
You will find the according software in the sections "Software Download" and "Software Archive". Moreover, you can access training materials and example data.

Are you a RIEGL sales partner?
The Members Area especially simplifies  collaboration with our global sales partners. Besides software downloads, sales partners  also have access to various marketing and sales materials.
In addition to videos (Multimedia) and pictures (Gallery) already presented on the webpage, the Members Area offers high resolution versions of recent videos and photos free for publishing.

In order to optimise press relations, material for representatives of the press is  available in the section "Press", including  high resolution pictures and general information about the company.

When registering for the Members Area, you will also be able to submit your support queries even more easily.

After the registration, your data will be classified manually in order to assign you the appropriate authorisations. Hence, it might take a few days after your registration until you can access the content of the Members Area.
Please note that only registrations that are filled in completely and validly (incl. all mandatory fields) can be assigned and activated.

Click here to register - we are looking forward to your registration!