On tour with the VMX-250 Mobile Laser Scanning System

Following a series of live demonstrations at this year's SPAR in Houston, Texas and extensive field tests, serial production of the VMX-250 has begun. The system is now available worldwide and brings unrivaled accuracy and speed to the world of 3D mobile laser scanning. Join us on a demo tour the VMX-250 recently made through Europe.

Nikolaus Studnicka, Manager International Sales at RIEGL, travelled through Europe for a week to demonstrate the VMX-250 laser scanning system. Having put the system through its paces, the expert commented, "There is no more advanced, future-oriented mobile laser scanning system to date!"

Here are some excerpts from his travel diary:

"System was first used even before leaving Austria: scan was successful in spite of hard rain. The first regular job done in Cottbus, Germany: the system was used continuously for two and a half days to scan a pipe bridge and a mining area."

"Hurried to catch ferry from Travem√ľnde to Helsinki, Finland, to do a scanning job in the afternoon. Data evaluated and structured the same day, presentation given to audience on following Monday."

"More scanning, this time in downtown Helsinki. The test track of a local university had been surveyed by terrestrial methods before. Captured data evaluated and structured for presentation right after scanning. A single day was enough not only to acquire all necessary data but also to prepare an exciting, technically accurate PowerPoint presentation."

"On Tuesday evening, it was "all aboard!" for the next leg by night train to northern Finland for two days of scanning and collecting data, which was presented right afterwards at a local trade show. Targets included a bridge rebuilt after World War II, a tunnel, and an entire power substation."

"Returned by train, boat, and car - returned to Headquarters in Horn on March 29."

On this tour, the superior technical performance of the RIEGL mobile laser scanning system was proved, and particularly for mining applications, the VMX-250 provides a truly innovative solution.
For instance, to scan a coalface in a strip mine, the system mounted on a car was driven past the coalface. Using conventional methods, this kind of scanning job would take two days as opposed to two hours using the VMX-250. The device is absolutely unequaled to date, even for extremely surveying jobs.

On the same day the VMX-250 was returned to Horn, it was carefully packaged and sent on another journey by now, this time halfway around the world, to Sydney, Australia.

The system has been proven in the field and is ready for delivery. The VMX-250 is a fully integrated mobile scanning system that is easy to mount on a standard roof rack and quick to connect and set up. Uniquely compact, it provides a user-friendly workflow and seamless integration of INS data. The digital interfaces of the system even allow for the integration of a user specified camera system. On-board data analysis eliminates the need for time-consuming post processing, making surveying easier, faster, and more cost-efficient.

Capable of performing 600,000 time-of-flight measurements per second at traffic speeds, the VMX-250 allows very fast, accurate, and cost-efficient 3D mapping of highways, streets, railroad lines, etc.

Using a type of IMU sensor with minimum export restrictions, the VMX-250 can be shipped to and legally operated in virtually every country in the world. To take a closer look at the VMX-250, consider visiting one of our upcoming tradeshows or get in contact with us!