First RIEGL 3D Laser Scanner in Slovakia

As from now the Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic - Pamiatkový úrad Slovenskej republiky in Bratislava will use a RIEGL VZ-400 3D Laser Scanner for cultural heritage documentation. Their executive team was trained in the RIEGL premises in Horn, first projects in the field are already in progress.

The VZ-400 was delivered to Slovakia through 3D Landscape spol.s.r.o. (



Ing. Marko Pasko, CEO of  Expert for 3D Landscape spol.s.r.o:
“The specialists from the PÚ SR were very interested in using latest laser scanning technology for cultural heritage documentation. The RIEGL VZ-400 convinced them by its innovative and highly precise technique and the easy-to-use workflow. Of course, the matured software packages and the excellent reputation of RIEGL’s support were further substantial points influencing their decision.”


The operating team from Bratislava spent two days in Horn for an advanced training course.
They were intensively trained on scanner hardware setup, optimal choice of scanner parameters for the operation and scan data acquisition, photogrammetric applications, global registration, visualization and animation of data, filtering, segmentation, and export of data, and advanced data processing in the RIEGL Software RiSCAN PRO. The participants of the training stated: “It’s really exciting to use best known technology and we are looking forward to starting immediately the data acquisition and to implement the information that we got here in Horn.”


And we from RIEGL look forward to see their first realized projects…