RIEGL VZ-400 Laser Scanners will help to keep the English traffic moving

The UK Department for Transport has granted 27 police forces across England the necessary funds to enable the purchase of laser scanners for traffic collision investigations.

Motorway closures following collisions and the resulting traffic jams are frustrating for every single road user. Besides the personal cost, traffic jams also cause enormous financial loss to the economy. Therefore, the Collision Scene Investigators have to do their work - collecting a maximum of reliable, accurate raw data – quickly and efficiently to re-open the road as fast as possible. Later, this data allows for thorough post-incident investigation, reconstruction and 3D visualization.

Thus, a significant reduction of data acquisition time in the field will help to keep the traffic moving.

In several tests and competitions the RIEGL VZ-400 succeeded in convincing the British authorities of its qualifications. High performance laser technology, integrated GPS sensor, compass, inclination sensors and camera as well as user-friendly handling provide for extremely short data acquisition time in the field and allow the Collision Investigators to concentrate on other aspects of their work.

Our congratulations go to our UK distributor 3D Laser Mapping Ltd. www.3dlasermapping.com, who have secured the majority of the available funding for the supply of RIEGL VZ-400 Laser Scanners.

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