VMX-250 Mobile Laser Scanning System Demo for the Aisa Pacific Area

November 30 through December 2, 2011, RIEGL carried out the first VMX-250 Mobile Laser Scanning Demo tour for the Asia Pacific area. Kindly assisted by our distribution partners

Five Star Electronic Technologies Co., Ltd
China, www.fs3s.com
Linkfast Technology Co., Ltd
Taiwan, www.linkfast.com.tw
Red China Geosystems Co., Ltd
China, www.ilidar.com

we invited many parties of the Asia Pacific area to give them insight in the state-of-the-art technology of mobile laser scanning. The event was intended an excellent opportunity to learn more about RIEGL in general, share the participants’ experiences, and to enter intense discussions.

Monday, November 28th after arrival at Hong Kong and a short recreation, the Austrian RIEGL VMX-Team - in this case Nikolaus Studnicka and Philipp Amon - met with Dr. Yanjing Liu from RIEGL’s distribution partner Five Star Electronic Technologies Co. Ltd. The VMX-250 system kindly provided by our customer SGS Taiwan Limited, www.tw.sgs.com, was assembled and mounted to the demo car, a Mazda E 2000.
By integration of an additional RIEGL VZ-1000 laser scanner on the RIEGL VMX-250 system platform the feasibility of integrating of further sensors was displayed exemplarily .

Furthermore, we had set a special goal: presenting actual Hong Kong data processed with 3rd party software packages of
Certainty 3D, LLC, USA,  www.certainty3d.com
PHOCAD Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Germany,  www.phocad.de
VIAMETRIS, France, www.viametris.fr 
The very same afternoon, Hong Kong streets were scanned and the data sent over night for beeing processed by means of the appropriate software Topodot, Phidias and Magelaan.
For one, time shift worked at our favor: we got the resulting videos and screenshots within 24 hours, ready to be presented in the demo sessions. 

Tuesday was again spent with data acquisition and processing – starting early in the morning to avoid rush hour. Hong Kong rush hours are just unbelievably busy for Europeans!

Wednesday, punctual to 9 am at Excelsior Hong Kong Hotel, the first nearly 30 attendees waited for the event to begin. Besides information on the technical background and highlights of the VMX-250 system, outdoor demonstrations as well as presentations of data processing via the RIEGL Mobile Laser Scanning Software Packages were offered.
“5 people asking questions and myself in the demo car driving in the heavy traffic of Hong Kong and only 30 minutes to show them data acquisition workflow and the handling of RiACQUIRE – that’s tough! If you want to show what the system is capable of, even if, personally, you feel rather close to your limit ...
Our fornoon demo runs impressed the participants. But it was only after the follow-up session dedicated to explaining the system’s highlights and data processing by means of RiPROCESS and RiWORLD that we really got all questions answered. More detailed information, e.g. on the application of new filters and the capabilities of processing with 3rd party software, provided additional impressions of the system's capabilities. A really informative and complete overview – that’s what we wanted to give and I think we succeeded”, summarized Philipp Amon, RIEGL Sales Manager.

Each of the following days, we repeated this same, very efficient procedure with new participants. Altogether approximately 90 persons followed the invitation to get an insight into RIEGL’s revolutionizing way of mobile data acquisition and processing.

All in all, the demonstration was fully satisfying for both, the prospects as well as RIEGL.
There are already plans - and demands! - to resume the show in other places and continents.

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