Countdown for RIEGL LiDAR 2012 has begun

The first RIEGL International Airborne & Mobile Laser Scanner User Conference is going to take place February 28 through March 1, 2012, hosted by RIEGL USA in Orlando, Florida.

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Purpose of the conference is to update our users on RIEGL’s latest state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions for airborne and mobile laser scanning. Intensive in-depth workshops for both new and advanced users and Q&A sessions will provide a perfect basis for optimization of systems’ investments. Apart from RIEGL experts, international RIEGL partners and providers have been invited to present their projects using RIEGL equipment.
User presentations will include, presentations by Tuck Mapping Solutions, Earth Eye, Milan Geoservice, Applanix, Diamond Airborne Sensing, IGI, Artescan, Certainty 3D, Terrasolid, R.E.Y. Engineers, Airborne Hydromapping, and SSI.
In a scientific session we expect presentations by lecturers of Vienna Technical University, University of San Diego, University of Adelaide, and Utah State University.

The conference will be opened by CEO Dr. Johannes Riegl and RIEGL USA’s President Jim van Rens, followed by a Keynote Address by Dr. Andreas Ullrich, Chief Technical Officer.

A preliminary agenda is available at the LiDAR website. The final version is to be released shortly.

In addition, the event will be highlighted by demonstrations of the latest RIEGL developments: Don’t miss this opportunity to get an insight in the revolutionizing technology of the new RIEGL VQ-820-G Bathymetric Scanner, as well as the RIEGL VMX-450 Mobile Scanning System. Both instruments will be available on site.

Register now to enter a lottery to win a free Orlando Helicopter Tour offered during the RIEGL Equipment Demonstration afternoon, March 1st!