New Version of GeoSysManager

A new version of GeoSysManager (v1.2.1) with improved user interface is now available.

GeoSysManager is RIEGL's Software tool for managing geodetic coordinate systems. Within all airborne and mobile applications GeoSysManager allows to transform between global geocentric coordinates and local projected plane coordinates which is essential for importing control points or exporting point clouds.
The new version of GeoSysManager covers up to 90% of orthomorphic and conformal map projections as used all over the world for plane coordinate systems. Besides the widely employed Travers Mercator projection (and all its subclasses) GeoSysManager supports Oblique Mercator, Hotine Oblique Mercator, and in addition Lambert Conic Conformal.
GeoSysManager offers an interface to the widely used EPSG database (free available on for importing the parameter sets of plane coordinate systems.
Moreover, it supports any local geoid-grid model as well as the global Earth Gravitational Model (free downloadable on for conversions between orthometric and ellipsoidal heights.

GeoSysManager can be downloaded in the RIEGL download area.